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Squawk PR is a boutique public relations organisation specialising in all aspects of the marine industry. We provide services to sailing and powerboating regattas, boat shows, and superyacht news.

Photography as Communication

Napoleon Bonaparte once said; "A good sketch is better than a long speech."  

The more modern interpretation is probably that a picture paints a thousand words. 

At Squawk PR we believe this to be infinitely true, and we pride ourselves on creating powerful visual stories that draw the viewer in to the point where they feel part of the action. 

Our team of award winning in-house photographers are keen to assist you.

Sharing Stories


While a picture paints a thousand words, it packs even more punch if accompanied by strong story telling. 

Images and videos supported by strong relevant stories help to convey the detail and enhance the visual elements. Clear, well written press releases will get your story in front of thousands of viewers who are drawn in not only by the imagery itself, but by the imagery conveyed between the words.

From a simple Press Release to a complex communication strategy

We have every element of the communication process covered, from writers waiting  for your information to to videographers ready to receive your brief. 

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